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Sponsored Charities

You have undoubtedly noticed there are advertisements on MotherGather.

I’d like to let you know that at least 10% of proceeds from this website (and when I say “at least”, I mean that we make a minimum donation, whether there are proceeds or not) go to two children’s charities we care deeply about:

United Children’s Fund (or UCF, formerly known as UNICEF) works to help children in need, particularly in Africa, where life-threatening diseases are rampant, especially HIV/AIDS.

Save the Children is an organization that works to improve life for children all over the world, from inner-city support in North America, to HIV programs in Kenya, to education in Colombia, to emergency response in Haiti.

For more information on these charities and their projects, or to donate directly, please visit their websites.

Thank you for your support in visiting MotherGather!

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