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How to Use this Blog

If you’re new to blogs, or if you’re not sure what to do when you get here, this is how the stories are organized:

Each story has “tags” on it for different key elements, such as whether the birth was C-section or vaginal, whether it was at home or in hospital, etc. You can click on any word or phrase in the tag cloud at right, and it will take you to a list of stories that include that element. For example, if you click “midwife”, you will find stories about births where at least one midwife was involved – some at home, some in hospital, some with transfer of care, etc.

If you click on a tag and get a “Not Found” message, that means I haven’t yet posted a story with that element – but I hope to! Maybe you can help…

If you prefer, you can use the search box on the left-hand sidebar to put in a search term of your choice and you’ll be presented with a list of stories that include your search term. Or you can always just browse by birth month.

I hope you enjoy your stay! Thank you for coming.

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